Schedule 2018

Subject to change

Updated 21-01-2018

If any changes in the schedule, it will be announced below


Detailed scheduel 2018: her

Saturday 28. January

08:00 Sports hall door open

09:25 Opening of Arena Challenge

09:30 Training

10:00 Qualification 2x30 arrows


13:00 Training Nonsight and CM, The Arena Challenge

13:15 1st group shooting for Nonsight and CM


14:45 Training RW and RM, The Arena Challenge

15:00 1st group shooting for RW and RM



Sunday 29. January

07.30 Sports hall door open

08:30 Training Second Challenge

08:45 Second Challenge Final-run

Podium Second Challenge


10:00 Training The Arena Challenge 2nd group shooting, CW, CM, RW and RM

10:30 2nd group shooting for CW, CM, RW and RM


12:00 Warm up CM, RW and RM

12:30 ¼ final CM, RW, and RM. Warm up CW and Nonsight

13:00 Semi-final CW, CM, RW, RM and Nonsight

13:30 Bronze finals CW, CM, RW, RM and Nonsigt


Gold finals

14:30 Nonsight Gold

14:45 Compund women

15:00 Compund men

15:15 Recurve women

15:30 Recurve men

Podium ceremoni